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think-PINK Society


The purpose of the “think-PINK” Society is to encourage people to bond together in the Spirit of Unity through prayer, dialogue, by example and fellowship. For the past twelve years, this annual event is held on the 3rd Saturday of April and the ladies meet on a monthly basis every 4th Wednesday during our “Strengthening my Sistas” fellowship. We endeavor to involve individuals from every race, origin and creed in an effort to remove racial barriers and bond in the Spirit of love and peace….and the only way to do it is that we all “think PINK!”

Vision Statement

The vision of The “think-PINK” Society is to reach people of all races, ages, culture, nationalities, creed, religious and economic backgrounds in order to develop character, integrity, relationships, and moral ethics in this global society by returning to our Owner’s Manual, The Bible.

Mission Statement

The mission of The “think-PINK” Society is to reach one person at a time, expressing love, being examples and providing them with the tools to become God-fearing, loving and productive individuals in the Kingdom by returning to our Owner’s Manual, The Bible.

“We hope you’ll spread the word that Jesus loves all of us and become a part of the “think-PINK” Society”.