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Elder Keith Golphin

Ministry of Discipleship & Visitation of the Sick

Our Discipleship Ministry is designed to follow-up and encourage those individuals who have joined this congregation, and those who may be no longer visible within this assembly.

Elder Keith Golphin assists the pastors in the Ministry in loving, nurturing and discipling The Lord’s people. Upon joining, this ministry is present to explain the structure and doctrine of the church, history, and expectations of each member.

During a time of orientation, the structure of the church is explained while giving each member a greater and complete insight in understanding the lifestyle of “Holy Living” and the order and ardor within the Lord’s Church.

The purpose of the Ministry of Visitation of the Sick is to express the love and concern of our pastors and the ministry through personal visitation. In a prayerful manner, the sick and shut-in are visited in a hospital or home as assigned. A report is then given to Elder Golphin so that the church maintains a record of the visit as well as how the member can best be encouraged.