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Elder Desmond Jones

Ministry of Ecclesiastical/Environmental Specialties

The Ministry of Ecclesiastical Protocol consists of ordained/licensed/non-licensed elders, ministers and deacons called upon to assist and serve in the work of The Lord. These Levites are appointed by the Pastors in order to assist in the work of The Lord.

Elder Desmond Jones assists the pastors by scheduling these individuals in both the Levitical and Environmental work of The Lord.

As assigned and in a prayerful manner, they visit the sick and shut-in, assist in Holy Communion, congregant observation, Christian instruction, and the like. In addition, they assist the Pastors in maintaining cleanliness throughout The Lord’s temple, reading of the Scriptures, Prayer of Intercession, Altar work, comforting bereaving families, preparing Sacraments for Holy Communion, Water Baptism, Weddings, etc. Other Levitical areas under this area include: Ministries of Hospitality (Greeters & Ushers), Sacerdotal and Security.